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The Tortuga-collective – collective drawing/portraits: Adina F. Camhy, Robin Klengel, Martin Kollmann, Kathi Pressl, Lisi Pressl, Philipp Markus Schörkhuber (not on the picture), Eleonora Wenzel

Tortuga is an experiment – each issue akin to a snapshot, capturing a moment and collecting a variety of thoughts and perspectives. Tortuga preceives itself as a process of critical creating, which is made seen, heard, and experienced through different means.

Tortuga follows an impulse of unrest – an insatisfaction that goes hand in hand with the desire to conceive what is given as variable. Tortuga adresses topics that are important to us – we are convinced of their relevance and significance beyond our own well-being. Tortuga comes to life through collaborations between different people who are experimenting in the field between individual interest and collective ideas. Tortuga is a forum beyond efficiency and usability, a blank canvas for the silent, the crazy, the well-behaved, the wild.

Tortuga #1 Grenze
Tortuga #2 LÄRM
Tortuga #3 Körper