Tortuga collective – collective drawing/portraits

Tortuga is a collective that uses DIY-printed publications (zines/booklets) as its main artistic medium. Founded in Graz in 2013, the Tortuga cultural association furthermore understands itself as an experimental platform, in which playing with formats, disciplines, and media is elementary to their working method. Themes are usually approached collectively, in dialogue with the positions of others and in connection with the aim of setting up and colonizing common platforms. This also involves exploring a wide variety of media channels from zine to exhibition, performance, radio play, concert evening, print work, and web blog.

The focal themes „Grenze (Border)“ (2013/14), „Lärm (Noise)“ (2015/16), „Körper (Body)“ (2016/17), „Ver-“ (2017) open wide thematic fields and at the same time serve as crystallization points for artistic and discoursive analysis. The resulting material is collectively processed or „remixed“, using a do-it-together approach.

The core-team: Adina F. Camhy, Robin Klengel, Martin Kollmann, Kathi Pressl, Lisi Pressl, Philipp Markus Schörkhuber, Eleonora Wenzel

founding members: Adina F. Camhy, Jürgen Münzer, Philipp Markus Schörkhuber, Eleonora Wenzel

Many people collaborated with Tortuga over the years and became part of the team in form of contributions to zines, exhibitions and events, producing and printing and different forms of support and help. All the names are mentioned in the context of each specific project. Thank you very much!

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